Admission Module

The Admission module of CAPS – College Administrative Processing System - is designed to track and manage students in the college admission process.


The Admission module of CAPS – College Administrative Processing System - is designed to track and manage students in the college admission process. The Admission module is a comprehensive, flexible, table driven, fully integrated, secure module of CAPS that provides admissions office administrators with a modern, productive environment in which to track and manage prospective students from initial contact to enrolled student. Administrators are able to communicate with prospective students through e-mail or US mail in an impromptu or canned sequence of contacts and store free-form comments regarding the status of the prospective student and subsequent actions to take. With our reporting facility, administrators can readily determine which prospects and applicants need their attention first due to time constraints or needed documentation to keep the application process on schedule.

Easy to use, productive and intuitive!

Our modern browser user interface helps users to become productive and feel comfortable rapidly. The application makes extensive use of custom, alternating row color browselists with input capable elements, prompts, calendar functions, dropdowns and action icons. In addition, we use JavaScript to implement a context sensitive enter key, field level mouseover and hover help, entry of data for required fields and local validation of selected fields to minimize server interrupts.

Flexible security system allows different levels of access to data!

Access to sensitive information must be carefully controlled! Our security subsystem allows administrators to create accounts for users with just the right level of access – view, change, add and delete - to data required to perform their tasks. Users can be created with access to selected schools and campuses with different levels of access to functions and files. Data authority is at the field level, too! Users with the proper authority can access other modules in the CAPS system, such as Financial Aid, from within the Admission module. This allows for a virtually unlimited number of combinations of authorized users and their access to functions and data.

Feature List:

• Track and Manage Admission process from prospect to enrolled student
• Multiple Schools and Campuses within Institution with different requirements
• Table Driven
• Manage Documents and Contacts
• Load prospects from outside agencies and interface with external data
• Manage correspondence with prospective student via letters and e-mail systems
• Automatic Communication generation based on Inquiry/Applicant status change
• Convert prospects to applicants upon receipt of completed application
• Upgrade applicant status by school and application type
• Transition of applicant to Core Student Database upon deposit
• Create personalized letters using interface to word processors
• Store long comments to assist tracking students
• Tracks recruiting success of counselor visits to high schools
• Generate summary statistics to manage recruitment process
• Integration with Financial Aid, Registrar, Housing and Bursar
• Search for prospects by school, campus, name, phone, year, term, type and status
• Secure and flexible access to data