Advisor Module

The Degree Requirement Advisor Program allows the user to track students' academic progress for each specific degree being attemped.


The Advisement Module is a system feature that allows the advisor to examine and manipulate the student's progress within their select degree program. It starts with a degree program template which states the full requirement specifications for the degree program. The Degree templates are filled out using the degree template interface and stored within degree template system tables for use by the Advisement Module. The Advisement Module compares the appropriate template against the student's currently course history and returns a results visual representation of the degree program requirements currently satisfied and those requirements that still need to be satisfied. The advisor can be granted additional capabilities of reassigning courses to other requirements, and approve courses for student registration.

The advisor display shows:

  • Currently registered courses.
  • Which requirements have been satisfied or not satisfied through an easy to follow color scheme.
  • Courses the advisor has approved the student to register for.
  • Terms the student has been approved to register through the portal system.

Additional functionality:

  • Approve the student to register for specific courses.
  • Approve the student to register through the portal system.
  • Override courses to satisfy specific requirements.