Course Module

The Course Module provides all that is needed to create the Institution’s Course Catalogue of course descriptions.It provides for the creation of Schools, Departments and Semesters and everything else needed to create course sections.


The Course Module provides all that is needed by CAPS to create the College’s Course Catalogue, setup rules for course equivalencies and requisites, and assign faculty to teach courses setup. The Course Module allows administrators to create course section offerings of great variability by time and day, and place and by whom taught. It provides a way to create a ‘slate of course sections’ from prior course sections in prior terms; vastly reducing the time it takes to setup a semester’s courses. The course module provides methods of assigning faculty to course sections while enforcing credit teaching maximum or/and minimum credit rules and, of course, time conflict issues across the whole term of courses to teach.

Setup Institution, Schools, Departments and tables required by the Course module:

  • Institution, School, Session/Term/Semester, Campus, RULEFILE, others…
  • Building and Room tables by function – as classrooms, dorms, admin, other

Setup course requisites by Degree, Major being pursued by student of same:

  • Pre-requisite, Co-requisite or PreCo-requisite – courses dependent on first passing other courses
  • A panel to input logical requisite combinations for complex rules { (CrsX or CrsY) and CrsZ)}

Setup Course Descriptions with features such as:

  • variable credit range
  • course alias
  • repeatable for a higher grade, repeat 2xrenaming of old course codes
  • 'same as' combines sections for major requirements
  • PSY123 vs SOC123 count of the students from BOTH courses
  • Cannot exceed Class APT forced taking of a ‘split’ course section –
  • must take 2 ‘split/linked’ courses
  • cannot take this section unless: from a valid campus, major, class level
  • Courses exclusive to students for a variety of reasons such as:
  • Must be pursuing the major (list of 5) of the course description
  • Cannot take course below a certain class level
  • A variety of other overloads and overrides
  • Approvals – Dean, Advisor, Campus Director or other approvals required




Setup Course Sections with features such as:

  • Flexible course Cycle of class meetings (every other week, 2 meet/day, etc.)
  • Flexible and variable class meetings by day, time and classroom or faculty
  • Sections can have multiple teachers – assistant, lab teacher, student helper…

Course module reports:

  • Approve unapproved course sections – awaiting Dean or other approvals
  • Course list – select combination of Open, Closed, Empty or/and Overbooked sections